Shell & Supply

Shell & Supply Option

This option is great if you have a limited budget but not the time to spend looking for or supervising contractors. It’s also perfect if you have DIY skills!

Bespoke Builders will do all of the following for you:

  • Lay your floor slab.
  • Organize all drainage.
  • Erect all framing and trusses.
  • Wrap house with building wrap or ecoply.
  • Install windows and soffits.
  • Install all claddings.
  • Exterior painting (if any)
  • Temp garage door ply to make home secure.
  • Supply any materials/contractors requested by client to finish home.
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We build the shell, you finish it off.

The Shell Only option gives you budget and timeframe options. Get the home to a lock up stage and then finish off in your own time or as budget allows. This is a great option for the owner with the ‘DIY’ gene in them.

The following is NOT included:

  • House design costs from Architect, Draughtsman and Engineers.
  • Council/Engineering costs of any sort – We will book any Council/Engineer inspections relating to work associated with our part of the build. A full list will be given to you of inspections we will handle before start of project. It is the client’s responsibility to pay these accounts on time, so as not to hold up work on site. Any failed inspections due to our workmanship will be refunded to the client within 10 days.
  • Any subcontractors not associated with completing the house shell.

What's Next?

All the remaining materials can be purchased from Bespoke Builders (taking advantage of our bulk buying power) or you can source your own. You then finish the work in your own time, with the peace of mind that your home is weatherproof and secure.


At this point your home is lockable, weatherproof and ready for you to finish it off in your own time. The beauty of this option is the home can easily just sit for as long as needed if your budget is stretched. Nothing will deteriorate.